Collaboration process


Call us

We advise you

and we coordinate all the issues.


Let’s get to know each other better and sign the documents on a contractual basis!

We will discuss all the terms of cooperation. With the consent of both parties, we will sign all the necessary documents to ensure that our activities are long-term and legally binding.


Let’s start working together

Delivery of finished products to
the destination

Types of assistance

  • We provide free T-shirts, caps and other promotional materials with our company logo.
  • When working with our dealers, transparency, craftsmanship and other qualities are taken into account.
  • We conduct master classes on the offer from dealers. We give you the necessary recommendations for the correct and effective use of our products!
  • We invite experienced specialists when it is necessary to use our products.

Why do customers choose our products?

The price and quality of our products is excellent.
You can get any textures and shapes
in the application process. It is very resistant to external
influences, which will not lose its quality
for a long time.


How do our products solve your customer’s facade problems?

The attractive appearance of buildings and structures
largely depends on its appearance.
Even if the strongest structure is built
with a perfect design, but its surface does not reflect
the proper quality, all this is in vain.